Dylan Lopes

I’m a videographer, motion designer, photographer, graphic designer

About Me

Hi, I’m Dylan. 23 years old.
 Portuguese based in Lisbon but born in Geneva.

If you want to see pixels beautifully dancing on a screen, I’m the perfect fit.

I excel in a creative environment while also being extremely organized. Experienced both as a freelancer and in a corporate environment.


Education & Experience

2013 - 2016

Multimedia Technician

High School at Escola Profissional de Tecnologia Digital - escoladigital.com


Digital Marketing Intensive Course

Paulo Faustino - paulofaustino.com

2015 - 2018

Digital and Content Marketing Specialist

Jazzy Dance Studios & Academia Life Club - jazzy.pt / academialifeclub.pt

2018 - Present

Customer Support Representative


2015 - Present


Videographer / Motion Designer / Photographer

Making Things Happen

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